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“For almost ten years it has been my complete pleasure to work with AeroTech Mapping on projects of all sizes and complexities. From 300-acre transportation projects to 15-acre parks and everything in between I know that whatever the project and fee level, each project will be professional, accurate and delivered on time. Even before this current season where staffing levels struggle to meet the demands of increased workloads and tighter deadlines, AeroTech has always excelled at keeping their promises of and delivering a consistent, reliable product that makes US, their client look great! Beyond the technical side of our projects, lies in what I see as being AeroTech’s biggest strength: Their professionalism. Not only do they provide accurate, complete and outstandingly competitive proposals quickly, they also, somehow, find the time to get to know your project and its requirements. Lastly, and most importantly, they provide almost unlimited access to mapping professionals such as Lyle Slater that truly make your project experience with AeroTech seem as if you are their ONLY client. I wholeheartedly recommend AeroTech for all your mapping needs.”

Troy Ray, RLS

“For the past several years, Surveying Control, Inc. (SCI) has utilized AeroTech as a sub-consultant for photogrammetric mapping services on projects for the Albuquerque Area Indian Health Service and on projects for Sandia National Labs. SCI has also worked together with AeroTech as sub-consultants to other design teams on projects for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. We have been extremely impressed with their responsiveness, their attention to detail, the completeness and accuracy of their mapping products, and the overall way in which they conduct business.”

Steve Toler, PLS

“AeroTech Mapping is a trusted, value-added teaming partner that can be counted on to consistently supply high-quality deliverables for a variety of project types.  Most recently, AeroTech provided aerial photography and photogrammetric services for our 3-mile long University Boulevard project within the City of Albuquerque.  The AeroTech Team worked closely with our design staff to ensure the collected data was formatted and presented in a way that fit seamlessly into our design process.”

Eric J. Froberg, PE

“I highly recommend the services of AeroTech Mapping, Inc. We have been using AeroTech Mapping, Inc. for Aerial Mapping project needs for the last 3 years and have been very satisfied with their service, communication, and attention to detail. With their help, my team is able to provide accurate, cost-effective mapping information to our clients for a fair price.”

Jason Segneri, RLS